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 Watch The OmniTek Movies Here!

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PostSubject: Watch The OmniTek Movies Here!   Watch The OmniTek Movies Here! Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2008 1:41 am

YouTube has an embedder. But this forum doesn't recognize it because it sucks. It also ignores the player embed, so I had to use the forum's built in embeder. Unfortunately, that POS ignores all URLs with - or _ in them. So movies with those in them will be links. It was the best I could do.

Episode one: Exposition
This movie sucked because we had 2 actors and 3 characters. Fun fact: This was the third episode shot.

Episode two: Rough Insertion
We remade this one because the original (the frst episode ever shot) was just me killing shit in first person.


Episode three: Sidekick
The first episode shot with other people in it. Crappy because I hit "take cover!" and forgot it made a sprite.

Episode four: Alien Assault
This one got horrible reviews on the NG BBS. It's the only one I posted there...
Only episode featuring Pooperoni_Pizza, who fixed the Vash model (Vimes) so the muzzle flash wasn't on his balls.

Episode five: Target Aquisition
We had to have the OmniMarry model (Marry) made by Lucky. It's a reskin of the Fuuko model.(Marry's mom in the AT: Girl from memory hplanet) There's also a Marry model, which is the beta for the one we used.

Episode six: Assassin
I can't spell assassin. This one was made as filler between important episodes, but wound up being one of the best recieved ones. This sent us down the road of using people for Human vs. Hero gunfights.


Episode seven: Luck
This episode is called "Luck" because the metal plate Tek refers to is 1x1 sq, inch.
The song used during the flashback was from Newgrounds, but seeing as I couldn't find it there sice the day after I got it, I think it was removed.


Episode eight: Mission Complete
I got so pissed off at the actors filming this I wanted to set them on fire and watch the die painfully.

Episode Nine: Safehouse
This took ages to make and we used a bunch of people we'd never used before. Also, Scotty's soundwork was really sub-par.

The AT*s

The Girl from Memory hplanet
This was an excuse to make a video to the Hania song, "The Girl from Memory Planet." hplanet is refering to the main map we filmed it on, hplanet. I sent this video to Hania, along with ep.5 and ep.6, and she liked all of them.

*AT stands for Alternate Timeline. Basically it's a "What if?" episode, and excuse to play with the OmniTek plot. They're like fan-fics written by the creator of the actuall show.
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Watch The OmniTek Movies Here!
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