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 Political chat (not debate)

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Political chat (not debate) Empty
PostSubject: Political chat (not debate)   Political chat (not debate) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 7:13 am

Dn't post shit directly against other posted stuff. Express views in full and not just what contradicts someone else. Points are better expressed when you admit to any common ground that may exist. Let's begin with this.

(for the record I'm probably wrong about the korean war part)

[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: what was the Korean War about?
Tekker: north korea hates south korea
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: and....?
Tekker: that's pretty much it
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: why were WE involved?
Tekker: North korea is a dictatorship
Tekker: A communist dictatorship
Tekker: they were allies with soviet russia and communist china
Tekker: We're war hungry world police-ers
Tekker: So we went to "save" south korea
Tekker: But they hated us too
Tekker: Now they're labled in the same group as terrorists, because that's the new term for "generic hitler enemy group"
Tekker: First it was "nazi's" then "communists" now"terrorists"
Tekker: I can't wait until it comes around to "whites"
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: meh
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: the moddo of the US should be "If you give us a color, We'll wipe it out"
Tekker: Motto
Tekker: And it doesn't always work out
Tekker: vietnam..
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: yea...i know
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: so did we Pull out of South Korea or tdid we "secure" it
Tekker: The world plays like an extraorinarily large RTS game
Tekker: I forgot
Tekker: But the world works on RTS stratagey
Tekker: Destroy enemy positions to secure resources to fuel the army so you can take more bases out and get more resources
Tekker: you only win when you're the only team left
Tekker: All alliances are as temporary as the weaker party is weaker
Tekker: Except canada and france
Tekker: because france is full of pussies and canada is it's own dimension outside time and space
Tekker: that's why no one cares about it
Tekker: Like the amish
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: whicih is prett much why they lost Vietnam in 1954
Tekker: No we lost vietnam the same reason we won the revolutionary war
Tekker: They had home turf advantage and used cheap dirty tactics we weren't prepared for
Tekker: But unlike the good war
Tekker: The people who won that one also had better weapons
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: should've stuck with the WWII models
Tekker: Still would've lost
Tekker: We also had rush-idly trained kids instead of soldiers
Tekker: If you can napalm an entire country and maintain firsm aerial dominance (debatably the most important part of war) and still lose
Tekker: there was no hope
Tekker: I believe the war in Iraq was a failure not entirely because of lack of planing, but about 40% because of the Iraqi tactics
Tekker: Which are similer to the vietnamesse
Tekker: They stow munitions and training areas in civillian areas
Tekker: They didn't use diseased whores or babies strapped with grenades, but since all we did was bomb them, we were forced to bomb civillian areas, and raid houses
Tekker: Which makes non-terroristic Iraqi's hate us and join terrorist groups and divided millitia
Tekker: Not to mention force army recruiters to lower standards and try too hard to find new soldiers, as americans lose interest in a war that probably should happen, just somewhere else
Tekker: The nation gets split into two equally wrong factions, "Support thr troops" and "save the troops"
Tekker: When bringing them home leaves Iraq defenceless against the all too imminant civil war between not only the two shiates and sunes, but the smaller random millitias that formed
Tekker: which are basically bloods and crips with nukes (even though they don't have nukes but it's an exsample)
Tekker: And leaving them there just pre-occupies our army, tears it down, eats up our budget and gets them killed
Tekker: So thinking about things as the RTS game, we should pull out, build up, and wait until the Iraqis blow themselves to shit, then takeover the weakend country with an uneccisarilly superior force
Tekker: But that's not humanitarilly ethical (i think i phrased that wrong)
Tekker: So the republicans are trying to be macho and kill off the two mains and the millitias PLUS the actual terrorists with a shitty force
Tekker: And the democrates just want to forget iraq exsists
Tekker: When the only real thing to do isn't even something I can think of
Tekker: Because the only successfull stratagey would cause an international backlash, the likes of which we already set in motion with all the ignoring of the UN's policies
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: o.o you've been think alot, havn't you?
Tekker: Not really
Tekker: I'm just blessed with common sense
Tekker: If I thought hard enough I might come up with some ACTUAL working plan, but it still wouldn't matter
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: you should have you own new channel
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: *news
Tekker: It's called YouTube
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: not reliable sometimes
Tekker: But I don't want to start debates
Tekker: People who argue with me are always too retarded to bother with
Tekker: When you see someone who knows absolutely nothing about what he's talking about, you realize nothing you say will change their mind
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: the iraq war was futile from the start, a war without much reason, a war that we should've never been involved in.
Tekker: Now that's not entirely true
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: it's distracted us from the REAL enemy Osama Gay Laden
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: ?
Tekker: Well Bin laden was IN iraq and Iraq wouldn't let us in to search for him
Tekker: Because they said we didn't have enough info to say he was there
Tekker: and we didn't
Tekker: But it's like what they do on CSI
Tekker: the ass hole who won't give DNA willingly always goes to jail at the end
Tekker: But the war didn't need to happen IN iraq, because Iran was a bigger enemy in general
Tekker: And I think blowing the fuck out of an international super power that has nukes might scare the terrorists into either shutting up or trying harder
Tekker: which would make them more reckless and we'd find them easier
Tekker: In theory
Tekker: We probably didn't need a war
Tekker: but if we didn't start one I'm sure america would hate bush even more for NOT doing anything
Tekker: Like they do with Katrina
Tekker: At least this way the overly retarded redneck section of the country hates someone else than him
Tekker: So I guess it's damage prevention
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: Neutral
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard: brb
[S.O.G.] Steven D.J. Shephard is now Offline.
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Political chat (not debate)
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