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 DoD Script

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PostSubject: DoD Script   DoD Script Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 6:10 am

(opening credits)

(camera Aidan)

Allied soldiers rush up the beach, Axis machine guns sending a hail of bullets down at them.
Tango company dives into a crater cause by mortar fire.

Sgt. Buhbuhray: Hit the dirt!!

Axis mortar fire bombards the areas around them.
An Allied soldier stands up and starts to run up the beach, only to get gunned down by the Axis MGs.

SSgt. "Wolfpac": Stay the fuck down, dumbassess!!

(camera Tekker)

Out in the water, the sniper works on the beach defenses.
Pvt. "Tekker" picks off enemy snipers and MG positions one by one.
Allied soldier continue rushing up the beach and dying.

After the middle-left section of Axis defences is clear, Pvt. Tekker runs up and dives down into the crater with the others.

Tekker: Left side is open!
Buhbuh: Alright! get your asses up that fucking beach!!

(camera Aidan)

The soldiers from the crater join the other Allied units in pushing up to the first defensive wall.

Pvt. Ted: Hey new guy! You remembered your charge right?
(camera nods)
Wolf sets a charge on the barbed wire wall and blows it.

Buhbuh: Go go go!!

(camera Tekker)
The sniper prones in the trench and takes out an MG on the right end, by the east bunker entrance.
(camera Aidan)
The other soldiers split up, Ted goes left with Tekker, and the others head up the middle.
A new gunner sets up on the sandbag wall and starts firing, his friend working the mortar.

Wolf: Alright new guy, blow this shit!
(camera nods)
Pvt. Aidan plants a charge on the wall. The soldiers dive down the kill, then turn around to see
the wall explode, killing the axis fighters.

(camera Tekker)
Tekker: Alright Ted. Use the other guys as a distraction to move up the line.
Ted: Do all your plans involve using our own guys as bait?
Tekker: Usually... Get going asstard!

(camera watches Ted move along stealthily as axis MG cuts down other soldiers)

Tekker runs up to the bunker head on the right, turns around and shoots a new MG, then turns again to take out a sniper in the far bushes.
Ted is pinned by the MG, but before Tekker can snipe him, Ted grenades him.

Ted: It's clear, it's clear!!

Allied soldiers push into the area. Random assorted gunfights with Axis soldiers ensue.
Tekker runs up to Ted, and they both move in towards the left gun.

Tekker: My charge is soaked. Fucking thing's useless now.
Ted: God you suck. Move over.

Ted sets his charge and blows the gun up.
The two are now standing on the road leading up to it, watching more Allies pour through the area.

Tekker: Yeeehaw!! Let's do that shit again!

(camera Aidan)

The three soldiers head into the foxholes. Buhbuh and wolf riflebutt the Axis gaurd the corners.

Buhbuh: Head right, get up to the gun!

They move through the trenches with Wolf in front, blasting away at the confused Axis soldiers, Aidan trails the back, not firing at all.
They get up to the gun, and take positions on the sandbags, firing at the endless enemies.

Wolf: Let's see 'em fix this shit!
Wolf plants a charge on the gun and the three soldiers dive back into the foxholes. The gun explodes, and the two Sergeants hollar victoriously.

(camera Tekker)
An Axis soldier guns down an ally nearby. Ted shoots him and Tekker loots the ally's corpse for a charge.
Tekker: He won't be needing this. Let's go!

(camera Aidan)
Buhbuh: What'd ya' think, Wolf? Wait for some backup?
Wolf: Fuck that! Let's take this shit! (wolf turns in the direction of the Axis soldiers)
Bring it on bitches!!

(camera Tekker)

Ted covers Tekker as he fiddles with the Radar.
Ted: Hurry the fuck up!
Tekker: There's blood all over this thing, gimme a minute...

A stick grenade lands next to Ted, he picks it up and chucks it back.

Ted: Ha!! You see that shit?! Got him with his own nade!
Tekker: Got it! Run like balls!!

The Axis radar is destroyed.

(camera Aidan)
The three men are held fast behind the small hills.
Axis MGs and snipers gaurd the final target well.

Buhbuh: Well, you got any ideas?
Wolf: Use the new guy as a shield?
Buhbuh: Those MG42's would cut right through him to us!
Wolf: (facing Aidan now) Looks like you lucked out, kid!

An allied rifle shot is heard, and the MG fire ceases.

Tekker: I miss anything?
Wolf: You cocky fuck! I thought you'd be dead!
Ted: He would be if I wasn't so damn good.
Wolf: Oh great, now there's two of 'em.

Buhbuh: Shut up! Teaker, fuck up that sniper already.
Tekker: For the last fucking time, it's TEKKER!

Tekker moves off carfully, positioning himself.

Buhbuh: Covering fire!

Everyone, including Aidan (who fires very slowly) shoots randomly in the direction of the Axis sniper.

(camera Tekker)

Tekker slides along on his stomach slowly, trying to spot the enemy.
After seeing the sniper's muzzle flash, Tekker takes him out without hesitation.

(camera Aidan)
Pvt. Aidan: You ok?!
Ted: Bah, just a flesh wound. He'll be fine!
Buhbuh: Flesh wound my ass!! You try taking a bullet you somnufa-

Wolf: He'll be fine, take that shit out already!

They take Buhbuh's charge and fight their way up to the final target, and blow it.
Allied soldiers finally catch up, and medics get to work on Buhbuh.

(camera Aidan, the grassy hills they hid before, now standing casually except for Buhbuh and the medics)
Tekker: God damn! That shit was hard...
Buhbuh: (insert random grumbling)
Wolf: Campaign's not over yet, secure your shit and get ready to go as soon as Buhbuh's mobile!
Buhbuh: You three Privates are with us from now on, understand?
Ted, Tekker, and Aidan all at the same time: Sir, yes sir!


"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film
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Posts : 89
Join date : 2008-05-29
Age : 30
Location : My own personal downward spiral of insanity

DoD Script Empty
PostSubject: Re: DoD Script   DoD Script Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 6:16 am

As fo the characters, I'd assume Ted and Aidan already know Buhbuh and Wolfpac. But here's a very brief summary.

Aidan is the new guy, think Upem from Saving Private Ryan, only he doesn't talk alot. M1 Garand.
Tekker is the overly cocky Sniper.
Ted uses a Thompson, and acts alot like Tekker only less synacle.

Buhbuh and Wolf are both battle hardened leaders, the only difference beig Buhbuh yells louder and Wolfpac is a drunk. It would come up more in later movies, if we made them. (Like waiting in a Cafe to ambush some Axis bitches and Wolfpac's too busy drinking to do anything, until they shoot his drink and he massacres them.) They both have BARs.

"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film
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DoD Script
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