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PostSubject: Theoretics   Theoretics Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 7:04 pm

( [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: why do people hate scientologist so much?
Tekker: because they're retarded
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: elaborate
Tekker: scientology is pointing out how retarded all religions are just by existing
Tekker: people cling so tightly to their chosen god so that they feel there's some sort of purpose to life, when there isn't
Tekker: so when some group of ass holes makes up a fake religion that parallels normal religions, it's like somebody scream EVERYTHING YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BY IS EXACTLY AS STUPID AS THIS OBVIOUSLY FAKE SHIT
Tekker: because all religions are false stories some fucker wrote way back when, before the time of fiction, so everybody believed it
Tekker: some people say that all the religions being similer is proof that they're in some way true, that every corner of thw world wouldn't concur on even the smallest fragemnt of seperated religions
Tekker: all those stupid people forget that humanit was birthed in mesopotamia
Tekker: and that every single human being came from the same place originally
Tekker: so when some prick told every prenomad of his dream, the impressionable sun worshiping savages started religion
Tekker: and as humanity branched out in every direction, and years passed, the religious stories of false hope fractured and split into the different faiths we have today
Tekker: Scientology is based around a science fiction novel by L ron hubered
Tekker: or however the name's spelt
Tekker: The dumbest people of this generation think it's real, and thus proove to every religious sect that there's no reason that fiction novel is less real than their fake faiths
Tekker: And people hate that, because it prooves life is meaningless
Tekker: Also, scientology is a money making scam
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: so you don't believe anything is going to happen when you die?
Tekker: So victims of it hate it too
Tekker: I'm going to die
Tekker: the electricity powering my brain will stop flowing
Tekker: and I'll cease functioning
Tekker: That's it
Tekker: That's w
Tekker: Tekker: That's what happens, that's what always has happened, that's what always will happen
Tekker: People came up with the afterlife soley to comfort themselves around death
Tekker: Because how would anyone have come up with it otherwise. Nobody came back from death and was like "HEY GUYS YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS!"
Tekker: some bunch of ass hats just didn't want to accept the end
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: Yea, i've heard enough. my fear of death now increased
Tekker: Death is the one thing you can't fear enough
Tekker: The end of all things, the one thing that should be prevented at all costs )

Aidan (1): he asked me this
Aidan (1): i just sent him a link to wikipedia
Tekker: wow, that's hillarious

( [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: son of a bitch, now i wish i hadn't asked that last question
Tekker: Accept the truth, and be free
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i'm becoming paronoid now
Tekker: realize life is all that exists, and stop wasting your time
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: but i don't want to die and just fucking rot in the ground. i want to be somewhere where im happy! not just become worm chow and be kept in the dark for eternty
Tekker: you wont be worm chow, you're not getting this
Tekker: you end when you die
Tekker: that's it
Tekker: your body doesn't matter
Tekker: you won't be there in a box experiancing decay
Tekker: it'll be over
Tekker: existance as you know it will end and so will you
Tekker: then end is the end, there's no baggage on it
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: that's what i mean. i DON'T want it to be over.
Tekker: that's why they invented religion
Tekker: welcome to being human, asshole
Tekker: you're not even 20 yet, stop whining about death
Tekker: black people's average mortality is 60+
Tekker: you'll be fine
Tekker: those death age things go up over time
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: but hell, i could die tomarrow during burglary, killed in a street gang, killed in a cross fire
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: alrigh
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: your right
Tekker: by the time you're 60 it'll be 85
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: stop bitching
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: and live\
Tekker: You can't live life fearing death or you won't live life and you'll die having done nothing
Tekker: Who cares when it ends if you spend all your time alive
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: right
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: looking at what the world is going through, the government being corrupt, global warming, gas and that shit. might as well enjoy life while it's still good.
Tekker: welcome to america
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: welcome to the world
Tekker: the world sucks considerably more
Tekker: you don't have to deal with any issues in america
Tekker: the rest of the world is JUST dealing with them
Tekker: the war isn't here, we control by force the largest of all iol reserves, the biggest ozone opening is over china
Tekker: And ALL governments are run by idiots, because they're elected
Tekker: Idiots only relate to other idiots, and 80% of the world is retarded
Tekker: So the stupid people idiots relate to get elected, and people who sieze control by force rarely spent any time planning their control
Tekker: usually they just focus on plotting and millitary shit
Tekker: Nothing is perfect because humanity is inately flawed
Tekker: So ignore all of it or go fix it
Tekker: You can't fix anything, so fuck it go watch TV )

"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film
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Posts : 89
Join date : 2008-05-29
Age : 30
Location : My own personal downward spiral of insanity

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PostSubject: Re: Theoretics   Theoretics Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 7:07 pm

( [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i know the bible said we came from mesopotamia and stuff, but what created the humans, was there really a great flood, and the dinosaurs and astroid and whatnot?
Tekker: Cells
Tekker: It's biochemistry
Tekker: Nobody knows what guides alot of things on a molecular level
Tekker: But considering the origins of religion, we can safely say it isn't god
Tekker: For all we know, cells are all concious beings that form us collectively for some astranged reason
Tekker: It doesn't really matter
Tekker: Unless you can ponder on questions like that and KNOW the answer, you might as well ignore them
Tekker: You want to join the military (idiot) so you'll never know anything important
Tekker: Come to accept that and you'll be happier for it
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: hey hey hey, joing the marines doesn't make me an idiot
Tekker: Yes it does
Tekker: Especially the Marines
Tekker: You are the stick waver
Tekker: Back in tribal days there were only a few jobs everyone did
Tekker: Some hunted, some found berries, and some waved flaming sticks at other humans and vicious animals to protect the camp
Tekker: People who found berries needed to studdy the plants and soil to know where to look
Tekker: Hunters needed to know alot about animal habbitats and instincts
Tekker: People like you want to be needed to know to wave a stick at things with teeth or knives
Tekker: You're needed, yes
Tekker: But you're not very smart
Tekker: Not that the army is all idiotic
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: meh, at least ill have somethin to do >>
Tekker: The marines are the muscle
Tekker: People like Ted in the airforce have scientific jobs (though not Ted) but they don't really contribute to humanities knoledge
Tekker: It's always the indipendant and often the eccentric scientists and theorists that form our collective data bases
Tekker: You reserve to gaurd the women and children with a stick
Tekker: Stop pondering existance
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: dont forget old people

Tekker: There were no old people in tribal days
Tekker: Everybody died by age 20+
Tekker: No medicine will do that
Tekker: Pilgrams life spans were 40 tops )

Tekker: He asks me so many things like that

Tekker: I think it's wierd I'm the only one I know who answers questions like that
Aidan (1): i ignore shit like that
Tekker: Even existential atheists are too opinionated to go broad
Tekker: People always overlook the most obvious ground based things because they're inconviniant
Tekker: People like you stick to the only real truthes in life, the things we invent
Tekker: Math, computers
Tekker: Technology
Tekker: Shit that works every time unless there's something to fix
Tekker: It keeps things simple and your brain occupied
Tekker: I think car mechanics are the same way, but they're usually also idiots
Aidan (1): i know smart oned
Aidan (1): ones
Tekker: Building things out of electricity and metal is alot harder than making gears line up properly
Aidan (1): thats why i like computers
Tekker: Yep
Tekker: I'm much more of a theoretical prophet
Tekker: usually people like me are too high to ever think of anything usefull
Tekker: But I don't do drugs, and thus am useful
Aidan (1): i dont see the point of drugd, they just cause problems
Tekker: of course, in today's society my only real use is in marketing or engineering
Tekker: yeah
Aidan (1): in the 3 weeks of my pot usage i felt nothing
Aidan (1): i dont see how pot is so popular
Aidan (1): your pointlessly pulling somke into your body for pretty much nothing
Aidan (1): wait does coding count as engineering
Tekker: Software engineering
Aidan (1): oh
Tekker: People do drugs because they dull their minds
Tekker: they don't have faith or good times to erase the "downer" thoughts of eventual death and any of miniscule problems they have, so they get high to clear their head and have peace
Tekker: It's why buhdists meditate
Tekker: Of course, they quickly become chemically dependant so then you get drug addicts
Aidan (1): i just hope 3 weeks of pot cant do any Serious Damage
Tekker: There's also the immitation factor to human learning
Tekker: TV calls it peer pressure
Aidan (1): so are your saying drugs and alcohol are stupid to use and shouldnt be used?
Tekker: yeah
Tekker: It's basically controlled poison
Tekker: Caffine too, but our bodies have developed natural resistances to caffine
Aidan (1): i dont like caffine
Aidan (1): it makes me sick
Tekker: We filter that out in small to moderate doses without issue
Tekker: alchohol is only filtered easilly im small doses
Tekker: Drugs vary depending on usage, achohol does it too but those both damage you as you build tolerances
Aidan (1): thats exactly why i dont plan on drinking it
Aidan (1): the damage part
Tekker: Caffines fine though
Tekker: You'd have to suck down like 40 java lates before it hurt you
Tekker: Sodas safe to drink
Tekker: Overusage of soda causes acid reflux though
Tekker: I think it's the suger and carbonation
Aidan (1): i cant drink caffine, i have too much energy already
Tekker: Ted had to drink like a case of Mountain Dew a day for that
Tekker: You sound like you have down syndrome
Tekker: You don't have alot of energy
Aidan (1): why
Tekker: Monotone voice and easy obediance
Aidan (1): monotone voice when i talk to you

( [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: you did pot? im shocked tekker, shocked!
Tekker: No
Tekker: Aidan said that
Tekker: Idiot
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: oh..my b)

Aidan (1): and obediance i only do shit you ask me to because i have no life
Aidan (1): nothing to do
Aidan (1): abediant
Aidan (1): fuck
Tekker: You're obediant because you don't know what to do with your life
Tekker: It's a good system
Tekker: Most people can't really plan things on their own anyway
Tekker: You're not a gas pumper, but you're not a project leader either
Aidan (1): i plan to be in the IT department
Aidan (1): server operator
Tekker: You're more upper scale intelligant and less idea management
Aidan (1): i really wouldnt like managment
Tekker: See
Aidan (1): i never liked leading
Aidan (1): fully
Tekker: You're not the leader guy, but you're not a Yess Man
Tekker: You're obediant
Aidan (1): like a luteneant
Tekker: It's a good thing
Aidan (1): i listen to the general
Tekker: Liutenant
Aidan (1): damn
Aidan (1): but i leand in a way
Tekker: No, more like the scientist that listens to the lead scientist
Aidan (1): lead
Aidan (1): oh
Tekker: You manage the interns and assistants
Aidan (1): managment just seems like a annoying job
Tekker: You're not made for it
Tekker: I am
Tekker: It's all I want to do, same as you don't want to do it
Tekker: People have their places in the world
Tekker: it's not an equality thing
Tekker: Some jobs are more important, but the leader is only as important as who he leads
Tekker: Same as you following somebodys stupid makes you stupid
Tekker: It doesn't have to be that way
Aidan (1): i dont do what stupid people say
Aidan (1): thats why i do what you say
Tekker: Exactly
Tekker: Some people think they're leaders but aren't
Aidan (1): lots of them on l4d
Tekker: Some people think they're regular who should lead
Tekker: [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i don't see how people can do drugs. first beer is disgusting as fuck, cigarettes make you cough and shit, ect
Tekker: Tekker: Addiction and "monkey see monkey do" are very persuasive
Aidan (1): not all alchohol drinks taste bad, but you can get that same taste in a drink without alchoho
Aidan (1): l
Tekker: Yeah
Aidan (1): iv grown up around friends who keep saying "Hey aidan drinking is cool and pot can make you faster and stronger"
Aidan (1): those friends are dropouts living in there moms house
Aidan (1): and they chose to dropout
Aidan (1): good grades
Tekker: Yep, idiots

[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: pot and makes you big and strong?
Tekker: Aidan's friends are idiots
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: riiight, and i suppose monkeys can fly
Tekker: Some can
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: o,0
Tekker: Think flying squirrel, but a monkey
Tekker: More that they glide
Tekker: still
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i thought that was gliding
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: yea
Tekker: It counts)

"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film

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PostSubject: Re: Theoretics   Theoretics Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 7:08 pm

( S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i plan on being a officer in the marines, yet i dont know if i have what it takes, but i heard being enlisted sucks, do nothing except what you're told. i sold my soul to the military, meaning not fit for civilian life.
Tekker: Lucky if i've learned anything about you it's that if you weren't in the army you'd be a cashier or some other stupid shit
Tekker: you are lower rung blue collar material
Tekker: You're not very bright
Tekker: I blame your school
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i blame my impatience
Tekker: Still, probably suited to millitary life
Tekker: I'M impatient
Tekker: I can garauntee I'm the smartest person you know
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i hate it when your right
Tekker: Usually am too
Tekker: See what I mean?
Tekker: Go wave your stick and be proud you can do that instead of digging ditches
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: yea
Tekker: Much more usefull and rewarding)

Aidan (1): he does know that some sort of college is required to be an officer right?
Tekker: They have millitary colleges
Aidan (1): unless he plans to not go to it
Aidan (1): my uncle joind with no college shit
Tekker: I'm sure he'll try it at some point and fail
Aidan (1): hes going to figure out how big of a mistake he made
Tekker: he really isn't suited for much
Tekker: I think the military is top rung of his career options
Aidan (1): im mean the training part

([S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: if my mom didn't join the army, i dont know where i'd be today. maybe growing in that ragity ass trailer, doing gang activities, being jailed, and killed, maybe join the marines any way, be cramped in a office or a desk in todays economy whether or not im keeping my job, being in politics, hell, maybe not even born.
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i must say, the military became my icon
Tekker: It's what you're suited for I guess
Tekker: It'd take too much time and effort to change your direction
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: yea, it really would
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: which is why it made me an outcast on my african american peers
Tekker: Lucky let me explain something
Tekker: you're not african american
Tekker: You're black
Tekker: You need to be born in AFRICA to be called that
Tekker: You wer eborn here, you're american
Tekker: You're black the same as some people are brunettes or blond
Tekker: It's how to be visually described
Tekker: Nationality wise, you're american
Tekker: Stop saying otherwise, it's unpatriotic
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: yes well, yea, my black peers loooked me funny, saying i'm going to get killed and such, the army's gay, i should rap and all that other gay gang banging shit
Tekker: [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: my dumbass actually almost listened to them and get envoled in gangs
Tekker: They are sheep and they are weighting down your race
Tekker: ignore them
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: but my sweet mom loved me enough to whip some sense into me
Tekker: [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: which is why i made my focus to join the marines
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: nothing else
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: though what im going to do when i retire is beyond me
Tekker: Make boats
Tekker: It'll be ironic
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i aint forest gump....
Tekker: It's a slavery joke, stupid
Aidan (1): haha
Tekker: [S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: ...i dont get it
Tekker: We brought blacks here on boats
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: oh...not funny...
Tekker: (most racist way to say that) )

Aidan (1): nice

"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film
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Posts : 89
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Age : 30
Location : My own personal downward spiral of insanity

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PostSubject: Re: Theoretics   Theoretics Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 7:16 pm

[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: is it me or is the IQ are the average teenager rapidly dropping?
Tekker: IQs in general are dropping
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: i know i'm not the brightest light in the tunnel but even i have common sense
Tekker: More than most, not nearly enough
Tekker: Media mutes our minds and constant birth defects are damaging our thought potential)

Aidan (1): i want a monkey
Aidan (1): my own attack monkey

[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: makes me wander what Aidan's school is like
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: STD infested girls
Tekker: He dropped out or something
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: dropouts
Tekker: Failed out
[S.o.G] M3 Luck3y Charm: never knew that he did

"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film
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Posts : 89
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Age : 30
Location : My own personal downward spiral of insanity

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PostSubject: Re: Theoretics   Theoretics Icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2009 9:38 pm

Tekker: looting and polluting
Tekker: is not the way
Tekker: hear what captain planet
Tekker: has to say
Ted: o.o
Ted: NOOOO!!!

"Shut the fuck up and do what I say, for god's sake!! God, I hate all of you so fucking much!!"
~ Most used phrase by me when we film
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PostSubject: Re: Theoretics   Theoretics Icon_minitime

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