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 Rules, read this, it's short

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PostSubject: Rules, read this, it's short   Thu May 29, 2008 1:30 pm

There's three rules, and they're pretty important.

Rule 1:
Racism is fine if it's a JOKE. But you best be damn sure you say nigga and not nigger. Black jokes are black jokes, not nigger jokes. Muslims aren't terrorists, terrorists are.

Rule 2:
The admins are ass holes, so don't piss us off.

Rule 3:
ANY posts, topics, or links that have nudity or Evil Dead-esque gore must have (NSFW) next to them, regardless of wheather or not you're trying to trick someone into looking at it.

1 - Post deletion. Continuing it will get you banned.
2 - Ban.
3 - Depends on what it is. I suggest all "surprise" links be Rickrollings.
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Rules, read this, it's short
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