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 My scripts

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PostSubject: My scripts   My scripts Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 4:34 pm

Sometimes I get bored and write scripts because an idea pops into my head. I shall post them here.

Tekker's Birthday script

-The video starts off with a shot of a bathroom stall with Tekker in it. Pretty much Boys Room style.

-Blues comes in screaming giberish about zombies invading HDP HQ.

-It then cuts to a shot of Blues and Tekker walking down a hallway action movie style with dramatic or actiony music playing whilst Blues briefs Tekker on the situation

-They then go into a dark room and the lights are flipped on (it can be a lighten room too, it would work ok) revealing most of the HDP crew as they yell SURPRISE. If you didn't get it already, it's a fucking surprise party.

-Tekker, silent for a few seconds, proceeds to say something like "Fuck you all, you're retarded" and leaves.

-There is a moment of silence and then a crew member (your choice) says something like "I call dips on the Swedish hookers" and runs out

-The fucking end.
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My scripts
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