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 Canarian people

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PostSubject: Canarian people   Canarian people Icon_minitimeFri Nov 19, 2010 1:35 pm

The Canary Islands have a population of 2,098,593 inhabitants, making it the eighth most populous of Spain's autonomous communities, with a density of 281.8 inhabitants per kmē. The total area of the archipelago is 7447 kmē.[38]

The Canarian population includes long-tenured residents and new waves of mainland Spanish immigrants (including Galicians, Castilians, Catalans, Basques), as well as Portuguese, Italians, Flemings and Britons. Of the total Canarian population in 2009 (2,098,593) 1,799,373 were Spanish (1,547,611 native Canarian and 178,613 from the Spanish mainland) and 299,220 foreigners. Of these, the majority are Europeans (55%), including Germans (39,505), British (37,937) and Italians (24,177). There are also 86,287 inhabitants from the Americas, mainly Colombians (21,798), Venezuelans (11,958), Cubans (11,098) and Argentines (10,159). There are also 28,136 African residents, mostly Moroccans (16,240)

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Canarian people
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